Unbound’s Trafficking 101 Training Program

February 5, 2024

Unbound Now, established in 2012, has been at the forefront of combating exploitation, driven by a deep commitment to faith and community action. With 11 service areas worldwide, Unbound Now tailors its approach to meet the distinct needs of each community it serves.

Their mission is to engage local communities, law enforcement, churches, and professionals from various sectors in a united effort against human trafficking. This mission is rooted in faith and a dedication to mobilizing effective, localized responses to this global issue.

For the community of Saving God’s Children, Unbound Now presents an opportunity to extend your impact. By supporting Unbound Now, you’re not just contributing to another organization; you’re participating in a broader, faith-based movement against human trafficking. This collaboration embodies the shared principles of faith, compassion, and proactive engagement that are central to both Saving God’s Children and Unbound Now. Let’s join forces to create meaningful change and offer hope to those in dire need.

About SGC

The Demonic & Spiritual side of human trafficking needs to be emphasized more. Many organizations are doing a yeoman’s work in awareness, restoration of victims, and interdiction of perpetrators. Saving God’s Children is going the extra step to provide training and a plan of action to take on the Spiritual component. By encouraging Holy Spirit Filled Christians to get involved in the Spiritual Battle of reclaiming the ground and communities from the forces of darkness that have been taken over by witchcraft and demonic entities where they live in. This emphasis on adding Spiritual Warfare to the action plan in helping to eradicate child and human trafficking, distinguishes SGC from the others involved in this noble cause.

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