Lessons of the prophet Elijah

October 27, 2023

After Elijah the prophet, in 1st Kings chapter 18 had his Mt. Carmel victory over Baal, the prophets of Jezebel, & King Ahab – he retreated into a cave by himself.  Worn out from fighting the good fight for many years he told The Most-High that he was the only one left in Israel to defend and uphold the standards of God.  God gently remined him that He had 7,000 left in Israel whom had not bowed a knee to Baal.

Sometimes, I think we all feel like Elijah at times.  So few are getting involved Lord and so much work needs to be done.  When I was directed by the Lord to build the website Saving God’s Children, the story of Elijah was strong in my spirit.  There are many who are doing God’s work in this world in the area of Human Trafficking, but it seems we are somewhat disconnected.

One of my main goals was to connect the Hears of the Word with the Doers whom are actually already doing the work!  Why reinvent the wheel, when others have already done that on their websites, and just need help pushing the cart i.e., getting people connected.  So here are “some” websites you can connect with and start your own journey into helping eradicate human trafficking.

Money is essential, but the hands and heart of a spirit filled believer walking in their God given gifts, in the “WILL OF GOD” will result in future great impacts combating Human Trafficking in their local community.

So get Connected!!

About SGC

The Demonic & Spiritual side of human trafficking needs to be emphasized more. Many organizations are doing a yeoman’s work in awareness, restoration of victims, and interdiction of perpetrators. Saving God’s Children is going the extra step to provide training and a plan of action to take on the Spiritual component. By encouraging Holy Spirit Filled Christians to get involved in the Spiritual Battle of reclaiming the ground and communities from the forces of darkness that have been taken over by witchcraft and demonic entities where they live in. This emphasis on adding Spiritual Warfare to the action plan in helping to eradicate child and human trafficking, distinguishes SGC from the others involved in this noble cause.

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