Dear Dinah Ministry

February 12, 2024

Saving God’s Children strongly recommends supporting Dear Dinah, an organization dedicated to aiding survivors of human trafficking. The harsh reality for these individuals is a life of shattered dreams and lost innocence. However, Dear Dinah offers a beacon of hope.

Dear Dinah is creating a sanctuary on 20 acres of land, where survivors can find peace and begin their journey of healing. This retreat includes lavender fields, farm animals, and individual tiny homes for each survivor. It’s a place for them to rest, heal, and rediscover their purpose.

The goal of this sanctuary is to provide a safe environment for healing and growth. Survivors will have access to counseling, support from a community of women, and spiritual growth opportunities. They can engage in creative activities, learn life skills, build healthy relationships, and enjoy the tranquility of nature.

Financial support is crucial for this project’s success. By contributing, you help create a haven where survivors can heal and find joy again. We encourage the Saving God’s Children community to stand with Dear Dinah in this vital mission.

To support Dear Dinah’s mission and help build this sanctuary, click here to donate. Your contribution can make a significant difference in the lives of those recovering from the trauma of human trafficking.

About SGC

The Demonic & Spiritual side of human trafficking needs to be emphasized more. Many organizations are doing a yeoman’s work in awareness, restoration of victims, and interdiction of perpetrators. Saving God’s Children is going the extra step to provide training and a plan of action to take on the Spiritual component. By encouraging Holy Spirit Filled Christians to get involved in the Spiritual Battle of reclaiming the ground and communities from the forces of darkness that have been taken over by witchcraft and demonic entities where they live in. This emphasis on adding Spiritual Warfare to the action plan in helping to eradicate child and human trafficking, distinguishes SGC from the others involved in this noble cause.

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